Our Mission

Our mission is simple and straightforward:

Enjoy the coffee once, but use the coffee grinds twice.

 Coffee pods contain a great organic resource that we now throw away after one use, taking up landfill space.  The coffee grinds within, however, can help our gardens and plants thrive!  Not only do coffee grinds fertilize, they even repel many insects that would love to dine on your greening produce. 


Coffee pods were designed to withstand the high heat and steam pressure that our countertop machines produce every time we brew a cup.  By design, the coffee pods are made to be safe for use under these conditions.  So, you can reasonably assume they won’t come apart easily to get to those coffee grinds. 

We were determined to build a simple tool that could change that, so coffee lovers using single-serve coffee pods can still cut down on waste and be kind to the environment.  Hundreds of millions of people start their day with a coffee and of those, nearly half are using single serve coffee pods.  Reclaiming the coffee grinds for a second use is a small yet meaningful way we can limit our impact on the environment.

 First, we wanted to craft a solution that was both practical and compact, so it could easily fit in your drawer of kitchen tools.  Then, we also looked for ways to integrate it with another item commonly found in kitchens - canning jars!  With the Coffee Pod CutterTM, users have multiple options to go green every day. 

 An easy way to reuse coffee grinds is to compost.  That can be as simple as putting coffee grinds directly on the soil near your plants and bushes or adding it to the contents of a compost bin.  

Don’t have a green thumb?  Check out the articles below for great ideas on other uses: 

We’re driven to save resources, too.  Since its early development, the makers of the Coffee Pod Cutter™ have been committed to domestic sourcing and manufacturing.  Built from high quality stainless steel components that are made to last and with no plastic materials, the Coffee Pod CutterTM is dedicated to making our environment sustainable.